Blade Runner Film Poster Mockup

Blade Runner – Unicorn Poster Design

Despite the lack of box office success of ‘Blade Runner 2049Spare Car Arts have have a unique design for the original film to accompany their Blade Runner 2049 Poster design.

Themes within the Film Blade Runner

Blade Runner operates on an unusually rich number of dramatic levels. As with much of the cyberpunk genre, it owes a large debt to film noir, containing and exploring such conventions as the femme fatale, a Chandleresque first-person narration in the Theatrical Version, the questionable moral outlook of the hero — extended here to include even the literal humanity of the hero, as well as the usual dark and shadowy cinematography.

Deckard: human or replicant?

The Poster is inspired by the theme of the ‘Unicorn’. In the Director’s Cut and the Final Cut, there is a sequence in which Deckard daydreams about a unicorn; later, he finds an origami unicorn outside his apartment, left there by Gaff, suggesting that Gaff knows about Deckard’s dream in the same manner that Deckard knows about Rachael’s implanted memories. Scott confirmed this interpretation was his intent in the unicorn daydream. However, while memory implantation for replicants is established elsewhere in the movie, it is unclear if daydreams work in the same way.

Where can I buy a Blade Runner Movie Poster?

You can get the poster here

Blade Runner Film Poster DetailBlade-runner-Film-Mockup-03

Blade Runner Film Poster Mockup
Blade Runner Film Poster Mockup