Blade Runner 2049 Film poster

Blade Runner 2049 Design

Blade Runner 2049 Film

The much anticipated sequel to the classic movie Blade Runner has been met with critical acclaim, but little box office success. Which is a shame as Denis Villenuve’s fantasy world is fantastic and true to Ridley Scott’s original cult classic ‘Blade Runner‘.
Based on the novels by Philip K Dick this Sci-Fi epic brings Harrison Ford‘s acting skills to the fore, complimented by Ryan Gosling and Sylvia Hoeks.

Blade Runner 2049 Movie Poster Design

Spare Car Arts latest design showcase’s the iconic wooden horse. The toy of the central character’s childhood. It also cleverly homages the Unicorn design from the original Blade Runner film, with the neon green background matches the dystopian cityscapes of the films backdrop.

Blade Runner 2049 Film Poster