Honda Civic Type-R


The Civic Type-R is one of the best hot hatches around, with an awesome engine and gearbox combination that gets better the harder and faster you drive it. It also offers a genuinely roomy body shape. This Honda offers something rare: a very reliable and exciting ownership prospect. The price has been kept at a very competitive level too making it all the more tempting.

Honda Civic Type-R (2001 – 2005)

With it’s Clever multi-link rear suspension delivered possibly the most adjustable front-wheel-drive chassis we’d seen the Honda Civic Type-R (2001-2005), and with lovely balance and poise it gave you the confidence to wring out every last drop of performance.

Honda’s naturally aspirated 2.0-litre four-cylinder VTEC served up 197bhp at a heady 7,400rpm, so you had to be prepared to thrash it if you wanted to go fast. Doing so was an addictive experience, rewarded with a glorious intake bark, and besides, keeping the revs high was no chore as the light and precise gearbox had a wonderful mechanical feel.


To add to the Hot Hatch Series,  Spare Car Arts have created a minimalist car poster based on this Japanese classic. You can buy the poster here.


Honda Civic Type-R