Ford GT40

Spare Car Arts Store Launches with the Iconic Ford GT40

To celebrate the launch the Spare Car Arts Store we are delighted to announce our first poster design. As part of the ‘Racing Series’, The Iconic Ford GT40 The Ford GT40 is a high-performance American-British endurance racing car, designed and built in England to rival the Italian Ferrari domination of the GT series at the historic race track of Le Mons. Our first Poster design was created in a minimalist style using the complimentary retro, classic ‘Gulf Racing Colours’ of Blue and Orange. Buy the poster now.

Learn more about the history of the GT40.

The GT 40 has won more prestigious race events than any other model road-race car in history.

A true legend in looks and performance, this is a street and track vehicle based on the original racecar concept, design, configuration and dimensions.  These exquisitely detailed cars have been built to the original specifications with over 90 percent of the parts interchangeable.  In addition, the race versions comply with the FIA Appendix K regulation.